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Federal Sales Strategy


The single largest opportunity for companies to grow their sales!


GSM  provides intense attention and focus, to develop and deliver a custom / dedicated sales strategy, complete with federal sales training, and messaging, to guide sales teams and ensure the most efficient sales paths are taken. GSM leads sales teams with the following areas of focus:

Access: GSM gets sales teams in federal facilities and helps them navigate the complex landscape

Awareness: Consistent communication ensures awareness of and how to purchase the products

Acceleration: GSM helps you acquire, manage, and maximize preferred purchasing sources / tools

  • GSM will make sure you have the right contracts, to ensure buyers are able to purchase

  • Complexity can cause delays, so GSM provides communication to keep purchases on track.

  • GSM has vetted qualified VOSB and SDVOSB companies, and will find the best fit for you.

  • GSM’s knowledge of the budget, funding, and purchasing processes drives accurate forecasting.

When sales teams seek federal accounts on their own, they run into unnecessary road blocks.


Need for a custom / dedicated Federal Sales Strategy developed and supported by experts.

Healthcare Planning Design and Construction


As technology has advanced and computers have become more powerful, medical equipment has benefitted from the technology boom and has increasingly become more advanced and complex over the last 25 years.  Because of the complexity of medical capital equipment, the hospital environment has significantly changed and the requirements are constantly changing to ensure advanced technology can be supported.

  • 25 years ago, the position of Medical Equipment Planner, was unheard and very few individuals fulfilled this space. The need for MEP's has changed significantly and every project from a simple renovation to a whole hospital or ASC build utilizes the expertise of MEP's.

  • The Medical Equipment Planning process is complex and starts years before a project kicks off. For equipment that must be designed in the project, often the selection of that equipment occurs without local sales representation, but rather engagement with a equipment companies national accounts team or specialized Design Construction Team.

If a company does not have dedicated resources for the Design Constuction space, or they lack understanding how to work with MEP's and the needs of MEP's, their success in being included in new construction or renovation is significantly limited.


GSM understands the Healthcare Planning Design and Construction, the MEP role, their needs and how to engage with them. Let GSM drive your Healthcare Planning Design and Construction strategy!

IDN's and GPO's


Group purchasing organizations play a significant role in the U.S. health care system consolidating purchasing power across providers and bringing efficiency to sales supply chains, resulting in overall cost savings to providers and patients.

  • 96.0 to 98.0 percent of hospitals utilize GPO contracts for their purchasing functions.

  • The largest GPO's are Vizient, Premier, and HealthTrust

  • Additionally, there are regional sourcing groups and purchasing collaboratives that hospitals and IDN's are part of  (these organizations are often part of a larger GPO)

    • All together estimates suggest that there are over 600 GPOs


Having a strategy to work with IDN's and GPO's is critical to a sales organization.


GSM has extensive experience in this space and can help you navigate and ensure your products are included in contracts and consolidated purchasing efforts.

GSM Provides a New Approach that:

Provides Exclusivity

GSM provides exclusivity for all customers. We will not represent any competing product or service. Our goal is to represent a diverse portfolio of companies that healthcare decision makers want to do business with.

Provides Contracting Resources

You immediately increase the size and effectiveness of your sales team with our National Account Executives. More importantly, you gain in-depth knowledge of regional and national procedures and decision-making processes.

Reduce Travel Expenses

GSM is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. 5 out of the 8 largest for-profit health systems in the US are local for us. We also have a national network of Account Executives in major metropolitan areas, so your travel expenses are reduced. There is no longer a need for cross-country travel.

Compliments Current Strategy

We harmonize your messaging, sales strategy and distribution model with our knowledge of Health Systems and their buying process. GSM will fill organizational gaps so ramp up time is minimal.

Reduces Overhead Costs

Approximately 30% of every Full-Time Employee compensation package is tied to benefits. GSM saves employers this cost. Our model allows you to focus resources on areas and geographies that will provide the best return on investment.

Gives You Time Back

Sales and marketing leaders spend most of their time traveling the country to visit potential customers and follow-up on action items. Most meetings and trips do not provide the desired outcome. GSM provides you the opportunity to re-allocate your time for better returns.

Increase Your Salesforce

You immediately increase the size and effectiveness of your sales team with our National Account Executives. More importantly, you gain in-depth knowledge of regional and national procedures and decision-making processes.

Establishes Realistic Expectations

Most companies have unrealistic expectations of conducting business with Health Systems, GPO's and the US Government. This leads to employee turnover and a possible change in sales strategy. GSM will help you set accurate targets for the accounts you are focused on.

Delivers Results

Incremental sales results are how we manage success. Our joint results determine our future. GSM is so confident in our value proposition; we offer the flexibility to add a direct resource when the sales volume justifies the investment.

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