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Analyzing Scans

Growth Strategies For Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Helping Medical Equipment Companies grow sales by targeting key segments of the Health Care Market.

Federal healthcare facilities

GSM can develop and drive a federal sales strategy!


The VA, DOD, and Indian Health Services (IHS) make up the largest health system in the United States. Having a strategy is critical to a company's  success in the US federal market!

Increased access to GPOs

GSM provides access to and engagement with GPO's.

Approximately 98% of IDN's and hospitals use a group purchasing organization. Knowing how to engage and having relationships is essential to succeeding in reaching your hospital customers!

Planning Design & Construction

GSM can help you engage with Medical Equipment Planners


GSM will help you engage with the Design / Construction community and ensure your products are available to the Medical Equipment Planners that are budgeting and planning capital healthcare projects.


Growth Strategies in Motion (GSM) is a national corporate account outsourcing firm headquartered in Nashville, TN that specializes in supporting healthcare companies in developing and executing winning sales strategies focused on key segments of the health care market that are often ignored,... not because of the lack of opportunity,.. but because of their complexity to navigate.

The GSM Team provides the experience and dedicated resources to not only help you develop winning strategies, but the necessary and critical engagement to ensure a flawless execution in IDN's, GPO's, federal accounts, and in the healthcare design / construction space. 

GSM Advantage

The GSM Team works with your organization to identify the greatest areas for sales growth, and then creates a customized solution for each of those areas. 
Our work is not limited to creating strategies and simply telling organization what they should do...
GSM provides the necessary execution to deliver results! GSM custom solutions involve our team helping our partners execute sales strategies, in the field, every day, resulting in a direct impact on sales and overall growth across the companies we represent.
The GSM Team will leverage their historical knowledge and experience as an extension of your sales team and deliver results!!

GSM Provides the Resources

Medical Companies


GSM complements your sales leadership and teams to help fill organizational gaps at a fraction of the traditional cost. We have the flexibility and experience to help with sales, executive awareness, marketing, targeted geographical growth, GPO / IDN contracting, and superior knowledge, expertise and engagement in the complicated world of federal contracting.

Our People


Our leadership team has over 60 years of combined experience consulting with Medical Manufacturers like: Siemens, Phillips, GE and Olympus. GSM provides strategies for maximum results with minimal ramp-up time.



"Our federal sales were non existent until we engaged with Don Tuitel. Our overall US sales were just over $10million annual with $0 coming from the federal space. We were patient as the strategy was developed and executed. Early on, we had a couple sales, but after about 10 months, the sales became more consistent. In two years, our federal sales grew to become over $5million and over 25% of our overall sales! We owe it all to GSM!!"

VP, US Sales / Medical Supply Company

"We had been working with 5+ VOSB's and SDVOSB's over the years and were looking for the right fit, as our past experiences in the federal space left something to be desired. We engaged with GSM based on a very positive recommendation and were incredibly surprised of the professionalism and knowledge of the medical equipment industry that the GSM team had. Their knowledge of equipment and the overall healthcare industry is at a level in line with executives of multi-billion dollar healthcare companies. GSM is the real deal!! I highly recommend them. If they can't help you, they will let you know, if they can, they will execute with flying colors!!"

VP Federal Accounts / Olympus Corporation of the America's

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